Alliance for sustainable textiles

The Alliance for sustainable textiles is a multi-stakeholder initiative with around 150 members from business, politics and civil society. This corresponds to a market coverage (measured against turnover) of around 50%.

AVE has been an active member of the Alliance since 2015 with a view to improving conditions in worldwide textile production jointly with the most important players in the sector – from production of raw materials through to waste management. As coordinator speaking for business, AVE pools the interests of trading and industrial companies and represents them in specialist working groups.

The principle is simple:

On the basis of the Textile Alliance’s jointly defined objectives, all members work towards individual but binding and verifiable objectives which they progressively make more ambitious. This is complemented by support for good solutions with concrete Alliance initiatives in the production countries.

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AVE’s commitment within the Textile Alliance:



AVE is committed to compliance with social and environmental standards in garmentproduction. In concrete terms, AVE is also implementing projects in Myanmar. The objective of these projects is to upgrade the performance and competitiveness of Myanmar textile producers and at the same time to contribute to thinking about and establishment of social and environmental standards.

You will find more information about Myanmar as a potential sourcing country and the projects here.

You will find more information about the Textile Helpdesk Ethiopia here.

Moritz-Benjamin Lange-Lundetrae

Head of Trade Policy and Sustainability
Telephone: +49(0) 30590099-614
Telefax: +49(0) 30590099-613

“Myanmar offers a one-off opportunity to set the right course from the outset and organise textile production in a sustainable way. We at AVE can input our expertise and hence make an important contribution to development.”

Julian Stodt
AVE Projectmanager in Myanmar