Trade policy

AVE represents the interests of the retail import sector in Germany and campaigns for free world trade and open markets. We inform our members regularly and in good time about new developments in trade policy and highlight possible practical consequences for the sector.

We regard multilateral agreements as the ideal solution in world trade: they are the only way to simplify international trade significantly through harmonisation of national trade rules and hence to reduce costs. However, given the current impasse in multilateral negotiations in the framework of WTO (World Trade Organization), we are in favour of the European Commission pursuing an ambitious trade policy targeting the conclusion of bilateral and plurilateral free-trade agreements. With a view to simplifying international trade, we support a dismantling of trade barriers and work actively in the framework of the national alliance for trade facilitations in developing countries.

We reject protectionist tendencies in trade policy and call for the proportionate application of trade protection instruments. In this regard, transparency and predictability in anti-dumping procedures are indispensable in order to minimise the burden on the importers concerned. AVE informs and supports its members in exchanges with important decision-makers designed to keep the imposition of anti-dumping duties to a minimum.


Recent development: sustainability aspects in free-trade agreements

In July 2017, the European Commission opened a debate on the future shape of sustainability chapters in free-trade agreements with a so-called “Non-Paper”. AVE has contributed to this discussion with a position paper. We broadly support a trade policy oriented around values and principles. We therefore consider it right and important that future free-trade agreements also comprise provisions on sustainability. It is necessary to proceed with caution in this area so that these provisions do not result in a disproportionate burden on businesses.

AVE position on the future shape of sustainability chapters in free-trade agreements

Murat Özdemir


Head of International Trade and Customs
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