Cooperation partners

            CNCC - the National Center for Leather and Shoes (Tunisia)

  • Strategic diagnosis and technical assistance for modernization and upgrading.
  • Diagnosis of quality and the implementation of quality assurance systems.
  • Specific technical assistance and other expertise.
  • Laboratory tests
  • Continuous training and promotional activities for the sector.

             CURATEZ - The Digital sourcing network for the Fashion industry

  • Curatez is a digital platform that helps quickly and easily buy unused garments and textiles raw material.
  • Millions of tons of excess raw material (fabric and accessories, along with overstock finished products) sits in warehouses around the world. Either ends up in the landfill or sold for a very cheap prices. It helps bringing a higher value to these material so both (buyer and seller) find a financial and environmental value in re-using it again.
  • It's mission is to help you and help our environment.

             deutsches csr-forum

  • The German CSR Forum has been offering exciting presentations since 2003, plenty of space for exchange and networking in innovative event formats. In the course of a ceremony, we award the “German CSR Award” to a corporate personality for their life’s work in terms of sustainability and future viability.
  • The German CSR Forum offers companies the opportunity to exchange ideas with politics, administration, science and social organizations – a suitable future-orientated framework may be created as „ONE COMMUNITY“ only. Because shaping the future and sustainability begins with each ONE of us.


  • EASYstainability is a blog and forum that revolves around solutions that make deciding on what, where and how to buy easier.
  • It wants to bring solutions and ideas to everyone who is interested in making purchasing practices thoughtful.
  • To bring people together to create positive impact to the planet and people is its mission.

             ETGAMA – Ethiopian Textile and Garment Manufacturers Association

  • ETGAMA – is the national association of the textile and garment industry in Ethiopia, founded in 2008.
  • ETGAMA’s mission is to create a vibrant textile and garment sector, which can play a leading role in the growth and development of the manufacturing industry, by bridging the gap through capacity building, market linkage and policy advocacy.
  • The long-term vision is to see Ethiopia as the textile hub of Africa, a competent front-runner in the global market and committed to sustainable production.

             Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation

  • It's mission to make international trade simple, fast and cost-effective, creating new business opportunities, enabling greater economic and social development and reducing poverty.
  • The Alliance brings together governments and businesses as equal partners to address delays and unnecessary red-tape at borders and design and deploy targeted reforms that deliver commercially quantifiable results.
  • It's work helps governments in developing and least developed countries implement the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement.

              IPD - Import Promotion Desk

  • The goal is sustained and structured promotion of the import of certain products from selected partner countries – in compliance with high quality, social and environment standards. The IPD brings together the interests of German importers with those of exporters in emerging growth markets.
  • By promoting market access for small and medium enterprises from preselected partner countries to the European market, we advocate the creation of new jobs and enhanced national export capacities. Meanwhile, European companies are able to optimise their import processes from these markets.

             MGMA - Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association

  • MGMA is committed to change factory members by providing valuable technical training services and supporting them in finding business opportunities.
  • It is now working with several partners & stakeholders, from government policymakers, to international NGOs, to private sector investors, retailers and foreign brands.
  • The MGMA facilitates responsible foreign investment in the sector. With the best sectorial knowledge available, it is well-positioned to provide expert advice regarding  business development plans in Myanmar.

               sequa gGmbH

  • sequa gGmbH is a globally operating non-profit development organisation.
  • Since 1991 sequa has carried out programmes and projects of international cooperation in close collaboration with the German private sector.
  • Shareholders of sequa are Germany's top four business membership organisations: BDA, BDI, DIHK and ZDH, as well as the GIZ (since 2010).
  • sequa’s fields of activities include programme administration, project management and consulting.
  • Its main clients are the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the European Commission.