Position and background

Sustainability is one of our core issues – for AVE, but also for our member companies. They are highly aware of their responsibility vis-à-vis humankind and environment and have been committed for over 20 years to meeting sustainability standards – both within their own business and along the entire global supply chain.

AVE supports them in their efforts and works for an ambitious but also realistic improvement in social and environmental standards in international supply chains. In this respect, we speak out clearly against statutory provisions in this area and instead build on the principle of voluntary self-commitment. AVE members set a good example here.

AVE also welcomes the idea that sustainability aspects should be enshrined in free-trade agreements. However, this must be done with a sense of proportion. The business community cannot and must not be held solely responsible for the implementation of sustainability aspects.

Through sustainability projects in up-and-coming production countries such as Myanmar or Tunisia we enable our members to access new markets and support their efforts to embed their sustainable business models.

Globalisation has led to the generation of complex and global supply chains or networks. Worldwide, more than 450 million people are involved in international supply chains. Primarily labour-intensive production steps are often outsourced to Asian countries. This global division of labour and integration of developing and emerging countries offers countries numerous possibilities to develop their economy and society. On the other hand, deficient environmental, social and safety standards pose a major challenge. Complying with and improving social standards in the international supply chain is not only becoming more important for consumers but is also an important building block for sustainable growth in supplier countries.

Moritz-Benjamin Lange-Lundetrae

Head of Trade Policy and Sustainability
Telephone: +49(0) 30590099-614
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“Sustainability is in our DNA – it is what drives us. Each one of us can contribute to making sure that things in our society get better.”

Dr Michael Otto
Chair of Supervisory Board Otto Group